First of all, a big congratulations to Malaysia National U-23 Team as they defended gold medal in football final at 26th SEA Games when they defeated Indonesia after their endless hard work and good performance last night. It was really a close one. It could have gone either way. You guys made my heart stop many times during the match, but at last your iron-like will and determination got you through. Remember, what we have achieved last night, there is a whole lot more than just a gold medal. And I think that Malaysia’s football scene is being more and more promising. Bravo!

Job applications are exhausting. I almost miss the days of just having to fill out a printed form. So please, please, please, National University of Malaysia (UKM), please respond to my application for your research assistant position. Set up an interview! If you take the risk to meet me, I promise you’ll want to hire me in a second, really!

It’s been a demoralizing process, but I’ve been trying all the same to keep my head above water and applying to anything that I can actually visualize myself doing. As much as I want to get away from my difficult boss, the devil you know is still better than the devil you don’t. I think. That’s what I’m told anyway. I’d be lucky if I saw one thing a day that interests me and I’m qualified for, but so far, it’s been more like one a week. I know it’s only been a couple weeks, but I’m surprised the BP Healthcare never got back to me. I’m holding out hope, but every day that I open my inbox and see irrelevant matches from the job search engines, or only have job offers that are really just spam, it gets increasingly difficult to be positive.

Lately, I’ve been hating Kuala Lumpur. A lot. I keep hoping something in our situation changes so we can leave, haha. I’m just feeling claustrophobic and I’m sure it has everything to do with the job situation, etc. Sigh.

Last but not least, have you heard about Ashton Kutcher – one of the most followed people on Twitter? I know with the recent news of him cheating it is coming as no surprise but I am bummed that him and Demi are getting a divorce. They are, I guess I should say were near the top of my favourite celeb couples list – obviously not a real hard-copy list. I think they made a good couple (based on my limited Hollywood paparazzi knowledge of them) and I cant believe they’ve only been together for six years! It seems like so much longer to me. Whatever, clearly their separation doesn’t directly affect me, just sad to see.

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